"days gone by" meet and visit Open Air Museum La Maison de Payrac

Maison Payrac is an old farmhouse build in the year 1920 located on the beautiful mountains of the Monts de Lacaune in the village of Nages on the edge of a forest and completely restored in 2003, retaining all private urbanization very close and original details: such as the beautiful stone walls with its stone arches, the  local slate roof and the wood finish. At Maison Payrac you can experience how people lived and worked in the former days and watch traditional French farm machinery in action.

Your welcome to open air museum
Maison de Payrac !

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Maison de Payrac

Imagine: you are looking for traces of the past sitting on the terrace of Maison Payrac located on the edge of the forest, with only the sound of gently swaying grass fields in the wind. You are there, it's time for a drink, with a piece of aromatic bread or a cake, listening to the whispering wind which takes you to times gone by. Enjoy with all your senses, of the imaginary time of when ...You are in an extraordinary tea room. It is the tearoom of Payrac !

At Maison Payrac, everything is organized to make your life easier. There are two accommodation made for families or groups where you can stay one or several nights. You are welcome from 19: 00 until morning 10.00 am. A stay costs: € 10/per pers. an accommodation can be up to six people, staying at Maison Payrac is unforgettable.

Spend a night at Maison Payrac is an fascinating experience, running water and electricity is not available, at night you can see the overwhelming starry sky and the intimate light of the Moon, or the faint glow of the gas lamp. At Maison Payrac is all available for a stay: comfortable dorms, a kitchen and toilets, etc..
          Spend a night at Maison Payrac in Nages is an ultimate experienceOriginal souvenirs, arts and crafts at Maison Payrac   Children's paradise Maison Payrac in NagesThe old sheep barn with a roof of brem on La Maison de Payrac       
The delicacies of the Monts de Lacaune such as sausages and ham, canned confit duck  and dried mushrooms, Lebonne chips from Barre,   different types of cheeses and bread from the mountains, local dishes, jams and honey, biscuits from Camarès, fresh apple juice, sparkling mountain water,  wines .... these delicious and tasting products can be taken or consumed on the terrace of Musée de plein air Maison Payrac .

Experience unforgettable moments with friends, lovers or family ... and visit open air museum Maison Payrac, and don't forget to visit also the summer parties or picnics and enjoy all the culinary delights of the Tarn.

Original souvenirs, art and ancient crafts

At Maison Payrac you will find brocante of former times which is offered throughout the summer, paintings, pottery, dried flowers, watch the ancien craft of wood working, the creating off woven baskets and clogs ...
There is a possibility to rent the farm (the whole or a part).


In the case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information:
Les amis de la maison de Payrac
Rieu-Montagné 81320 - Nages
(+33) 05 63 37 12 29