Children's Paradise at open air museum La Maison de Payrac

We wanted to create a children's paradise at Maison Payrac, we said to a three year old girl and her reaction: Maison Payrac is super cool!
Here, you'll find different animals such as cows, sheep, rabbits, ducks and chickens, tree houses, wheelbarrows, stilts, etc ... guaranteed fun for each child.

Activities for the kids ; do you like nature ?  We have a nice trail / route plotted with a game in it. Look closely and note the directions! If you want to get to know better nature use the box with binoculars, At Maison Payrac you find several tools that you need to observe nature, a magnifying glass, a bug box and many others  !
La Maison de Payrac
If you love animals, there are donkeys with which you can take for a walk. For children Maison Payrac is a party. Everything is done to please you.
La Maison de Payrac   La maison de Payracdes brouettes
All animals are here for you: the sheep jasse, a special breed of cow that lives in swampy marshland, the rabbits in their pen at the old farm, the birds in their aviary: and if you dare, take a look in the henhouse maybe you'll see a freshly laid egg, and if you have the chance you may get him out! You can play in the treehouses at the edge of the forest: it's up to you to discover them! Just like grandpa and dad when they were little. There's no chance of children getting bored at La Maison de Payrac open air museum where history comes to life, which puts the fun into learning.

A visit to the open air museum La Maison de Payrac in France
an unforgettable experience

The department has create a discover trail  for ​​about two kilometer long, there you will find a wet meadow, dry landscape, an Oakwood, a Beech Grove, the old sheep barn with a roof of broom, a shelter shepherd, a menhir, a Pesquier, a arboretum, etc..
De oude schapenstal met een dak van brem op Maison Payrac in Nages.   Ondek de natuur op Maison de PayracMaak wandeltochten en laat je verrassen door de mooie omgeving van Maison de Payrac       

CADES (juniper) were identified. Frost cracks oak will be a presentation. We continue to develop the walls of dry stone companies: scheduled day with the Park. There are missing flowers and plants added to the garden which again is reprocessed.

       des animations pour enfants    La tourbière de la Maison de Payrac  Tu veux t’amuser : cabanes sont dans les bois : à toi de les découvrir !In In 2012, there are new things made​​:  there is a "Bourniou" set (an old bee hive), establishment of a coal (with a cutaway), poses new explanatory panels on the warren, the arboretum has got new information boards, release sagne, replacement armas by a flowery fallow highlighting frost cracks, rehabilitation of an old building with EDF, forest mare).