Activities at open air museum Maison Payrac

At open air museum  Maison Payrac you can see the traditional crafts of the French countryside exhibits by volunteers from the surrounding area, including different ways of woodworking, harvest corn, baking fresh bread over a wood fire in a traditional oven, plowing a pasture with horses, sheep shaving , wolbewerking, traditional dances, etc ...

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Maison Payrac

The open air museum La Maison de Payrac offers  events, celebrations, events, courses, concerts.

Maison Payrac is a place where you can buy local products in the store, or directly from the farmer from the environment which are present on the ground at different dates.
La Maison de Payrac Nages TarnLa Maison de Payrac Nages Tarn   La Maison de Payrac Nages TarnLa Maison de Payrac Nages Tarn

The activities on Maison Payrac are diverse (such as clogs, woodworking, basket weaving, sheep shaving, wheat bread making etc..). On certain days there are activities put together with the steam and sawing machine. You can then see how the felled Wood sawn and processed. There are also several special activities such as hunting with a bow and arrow in nature. The Occitan dances during the season. And of course you can get acquainted with the products of the farmer. The farmers from the surrounding areas offer their products on different days.

Pique-nique sur la terrasse de PayracFabriquera Miel à La maison de PayracLa Maison de Payrac Nages Tarn

Come and visit the farmers market at Maison Payrac

The farmer market at Maison Payrac you will find different demonstrations of authentic farmers agricultural equipment. And of course the famous sheep shaving, Flock driving with dogs, natural approach to horses, concours de labour, different fun children's activities, a market with all farmers products and restauration sur place.